Top 10 Reasons to #ChooseNAC

Here are the top 10 reasons to #ChooseNAC, but believe there are so many more than just 10! Read on to discover our top 10. Join us at NAC and not only learn and improve your English language skills, but experience American culture through the uniqueness that is the American West!

10. Food!

We love having so many countries represented at NAC. Part of the joy of our community is sharing all the represented cultures with one another, and one of the ways we do so is through food. The International Food Festival in November as well as a Spring Food Festival give us all many opportunities to not only share tastes of home, but to experience others as well. We also do pizza parties, ice cream socials, cereal day…

9. Activities at NAC

We believe learning does not just happen in the classroom! Engaging our students in various activities is one way we enhance textbook learning. Some activities are part of the curriculum but our volunteers and teachers also put various excursions together as well. Among other things, our students have been to sports events, the movies, bowling, garden centers, museums…

8. Ongoing Education

Students come to study at NAC with different goals in mind. For those who are looking to continue their studies, our partners offer many opportunities. We love to celebrate our student’s achievements!

7. Travel and Transport Accessibility

Our airport (DIA) provides a multitude of flight options – nationally and internationally. Getting to us or home for visits is not difficult. RTD Denver makes getting around the city easy as well, whether bus or rail!

6. The Outdoors!

SO. MANY. THINGS! Whether you enjoy winter or summer outdoor activities, Colorado has it all. You can explore on your own or join your fellow students, teachers and volunteers to experience all the amazing possibilities our state has to offer.

5. Denver Metro Area

Collectively, the Denver Metro area includes multiple cities. Aurora, in which NAC is located, is the most diverse city in Colorado. Throughout the neighborhoods of the Denver Metro there are lots of places to discover, explore and experience: amazing restaurants, cultural and sporting events, music, festivals…you just have to get out and explore!

4. Office Support

The folks in the admin office do their absolute best to support our students and what they need. Communication is key and we make every effort to share what you need to know. Feedback from our students let us know they agree:

“My favorite thing about NAC is the channel of communication with their students, text messages and emails are very helpful.”

“The support and time each person and staff of NAC is willing to offer. I feel my needs can be discussed freely and the people are super friendly.”

3. Teachers

We love our teachers, and our teachers love their jobs! NAC is incredibly lucky to have the quality of teachers we do. They are wonderful humans who not only provide great education to our students, but also support. “The teachers always are ready to help and teach the best way, every day they make a big effort for present the best tools for us, and give advice how we can improve or learn English.”

2. Community

We regularly hear from our students that the community at NAC is one of their favorite things about us. One student told us coming to NAC was like coming home. We are thrilled to know the environment and community at NAC are so welcoming.

”The cultural diversity that exists and how in the classroom respect for others is fostered.”

“The quality of education, the integration, the dynamics and recreational activities. I feel safe there.”

1. Achieve Your Goals!

Do you want to learn English for personal or professional reasons? No matter what, we’re here for you! Supporting our students on their journeys is something we are very proud of. In the words of a student,

“Just do it and get enrolled at NAC!”

We hope you’ve enjoyed our “Top 10 Reasons to Study at NAC.” We’d love to hear your reasons for studying with us. Share them on our socials (Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn)!

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