NAC Teachers are Amazing

It’s worth repeating, NAC teachers are amazing! We are so grateful for all the wonderful teachers, past and present. New America College would not be the same without their dedication.

Why Our Teachers Teach at NAC

Many of our teachers have been with us for years! One teacher has been with us since 2010; others since 2016. While our teachers each have their own reasons for teaching at NAC, there are some general themes that stand out. All of our teachers enjoy getting to know our students and watching their English ability grow. Having our students gain confidence and empower themselves through language and communication is wonderful. Watching them then go on to achieve their goals is even better! 

Another favorite reason our teachers teach at NAC: the community. Getting to know their students, their cultures and their perspective on the world gives the teachers the opportunity to continue learning as well. “The constant mixing of cultures is fantastic!” You can read more about our teachers here.

What Our Students Say About Our Teachers

In our 2023 survey we asked students “What is your favorite thing about NAC?” One answer was to the point: “Teachers.”  Read on for more comments about our teachers – straight from the horse’s mouth! (“Straight from the horse’s mouth” is an idiom that means “someone who has direct personal knowledge of the topic.”)

  • “All teachers and staff are very polite and friendly. When I have a problem they respond very quickly and completely.”
  • “I like the teaching method.”
  • “My teacher is amazing and staff members are very friendly and helpful.” 
  • “All staff is so kind and friendly, when I come to NAC I feel like my home.”
  • “One thing I like about NAC is that all the staff are very friendly, and as for the teachers, they care that you really learn. They are very understanding and always willing to help you.”
  • “I like the teaching technique from the instructor.”
  • “The different cultures and how friendly people are and the teachers are very good at what they do.”
  • “My teacher, without a doubt!”
  • “The teachers and the environment we have are very special!”
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