Scholarships at NAC

Offering scholarships at NAC allows us to enroll students who could not otherwise afford our classes. Scholarship opportunities support our values of Community, Success, Acceptance and Education by demonstrating how much we value and support our community. NAC believes not only in supporting community members in achieving their goals of learning English, but that this support will ultimately bring us more students. Regular student surveys tell us our students are referring friends and family to New America College. The ability to offer scholarships enhances our commitment to a caring and welcoming community. 

Federal ARPA Grant

In 2023 we received a grant from the City of Aurora to offer scholarships at NAC for Aurora residents. The grant funds for this scholarship were from the Federal ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act) and were distributed in order to assist communities in their COVID recovery. New America College was granted $10,000 in scholarship funds to assist Aurora residents who needed full-time English classes. The City of Aurora scholarship partially funded ten students for a total of 32 months of full-time English classes! 

After finishing at NAC, two students who received the City of Aurora scholarship now have jobs at the Denver Public Schools. The City of Aurora scholarship also helped the leaders of a community organization called Amigos de Mexico. (Pictured here.) The Federal ARPA funds were put to very good use helping our immigrant neighbors contributed to the post COVID-19 economy.

NAC Board Scholarship

Our current scholarship is the NAC Board Scholarship. Our Board of Directors has set aside $20,000 a year to assist local students who need a little boost in order to afford classes. (The Board scholarship is not available to F1 students.) During the fiscal year beginning in July of 2023, we helped 16 students with scholarships. This includes two Afghan refugees and several students referred to us from the Multicultural Mosaic Foundation. Last fiscal year we funded 10 students. We are so happy we can help our neighbors enroll in our full-time English classes! The skills they are learning help them live their best lives in the United States. 

If you would like more information about receiving a scholarship to New America College, please contact our Executive Director Megan Kobzej, at

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