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Hello! I’m Timothy Kobus.

I’ve taught English for 8 years…

And have taught in the United States and four foreign countries. I have my Master’s in Education, and I used to teach elementary school. I speak English and some French and Spanish. I’ve lived in Maryland, Colorado, Senegal, Cambodia, Peru, and Nepal.

What’s your favorite thing about Denver or Colorado?
I love how parts of the Denver metro area are incredibly culturally diverse.

What’s something interesting about you?
I did a bungee jump in Nepal!

What are your hobbies?
I like dancing, reading, and board games.

Hello! I’m Monique Danison.

I’ve taught English for more than 7 years…

And I have experience engaging learners, identifying and drawing out potential in others and establishing great rapport with students. My passions include communicating complex concepts clearly and effectively and watching my students develop the skills they need to succeed. I spent four months in Lyon, France studying French and two years in Uganda, Africa, working as a missionary and teacher. I love the community at NAC. I am pretty sure we have some of the best teachers and students around!

What’s your favorite thing about Denver or Colorado?

Breweries and a mix of city and outdoor life.

What’s something interesting about yourself?

I’ve had the opportunity to whitewater raft down the Nile River twice. It was awesome!

What are your hobbies?

Hiking, cooking reading and adventuring.

Hello! I’m Jonathan Power.

I speak English and Spanish…

And have lived in Japan, Ireland, Mexico, Honduras, Vermont and Colorado. I am an energetic and caring educator with a passion for the English language and those who work hard to master it. My favorite thing about teaching English is the reward that comes from seeing students make progress with the nuances of grammar and the many ways they build their vocabulary. I love the camaraderie among the amazing teachers at NAC, and their commitment to serving our students to the best of their ability.

What’s your favorite thing about Denver or Colorado?

I love the diverse cultures who call this city home, and the access to world class outdoor recreation of all kinds.

What’s something interesting about you?

I love to cook fusion recipes that combine dishes from different cultures.

What are your hobbies?

I love photography, writing poetry, hiking, cooking and travel. My photo website is jonpower.zenfolio.com.

Hello! I’m April Long.

Teaching English is never dull…

I learn new things all the time, whether it be about English or the world. Having pieces of the world in my class is a constant learning experience. I’ve lived  overseas in South Korea and China and have traveled to more than 30 states and many countries.  English is my native language and I have studied Korean and Spanish. My new language interest is Arabic.

What’s your favorite thing about Denver or Colorado?

I’m a Colorado native, so the mountains don’t excite me as much as visitors and new residents. These days I enjoy spending time with my three children and husband. I love trivia and I have made social justice a hobby to fight for.

What’s something interesting about you? 

I used to be a dancer! I was given a scholarship to dance in college. I haven’t danced professionally for a while, but I’ll always have a love for dance.

Do you have any pets?

Growing up my parents never allowed us to own pets. As a result, I do not have the desire to keep them now. That may change in the future!

Hello! I’m Travis Anderson.

And I’ve taught English for more than 9 years…

I was born in Michigan but moved to Alaska at 5 years old. I lived there most of my life and graduated from University in Anchorage. I’ve traveled to more than 30 countries and taught English for more than 9 years. I love the international environment at NAC.  I’ve had a multitude of professions and if there is more you’d like to know, just ask!  I think everyone who comes to Denver should travel outside the city because the mountains are awesome!

What’s your favorite thing about Denver or Colorado?

I enjoy the access to recreational activities, summer and winter.

What’s something interesting about yourself?

I won a belly dancing competition in Singapore.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy snowboarding, painting, working out, rafting, kayaking and travel.


Hello! I’m Mary Kay Humber.

I adore studying languages…

And I am fluent in Spanish. I’ve also studied Portuguese and Japanese. (Skoshi dake!) I am a trained counselor and teacher. I love listening to people and helping them solve problems and connect to their communities in meaningful ways. I’ve lived in multiple different states in my life, as well as Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and Japan. I have an amazing husband of 29 years and two strong and courageous adult children.

What’s your favorite thing about NAC or teaching English in general?

My favorite thing about teaching at NAC is getting to know the students on a personal level and watching them grow in their English speaking ability.

Do you have any pets?

I have two cats and a dog.

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy reading, yoga, healthy cooking and talking to people over a cup of coffee.

Hello! I’m Erin Fearn.

I’m a vegan Colorado native…

Who loves teaching English because it allows me a lot of opportunities to laugh – my favorite thing. I speak some French, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. I’ve lived in Hawaii, England, China, Singapore and Chile in my life.

What’s your favorite thing about Denver or Colorado? 

The Great Sand Dunes are amazing. It feels like walking around another planet.

What’s something interesting about yourself?

I’m a dual citizen with the U.S. and the U.K.

What are your hobbies?

Dance, watercolor painting, photography, hiking, biking, traveling, DIY, gardening, and home beer brewing.

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