History, Mission, and Values.

Community at NAC

Our Mission

Cultivating and celebrating inclusion, community, and success through a focused English language experience.

We live our Mission in all of our work.

Our Goals further support our Mission:

  • Students learn and develop values and professional skills and attitudes needed to be successful
  • Provide excellent instruction and support to students
  • Create an interesting, intellectual atmosphere and offer programs that support students’ academic and career goals
  • Offer programs at an affordable price point and give students the opportunity to pay on a monthly basis
More About Our Mission

Our History

New America College (NAC), founded in 2007 as a non-profit 501c(3), is an English Language School for adults. We serve English language learners – from beginner to advanced. NAC offers intensive classes (18 houts per week) designed to immerse students in the English language. For many of our students, our classes are the only time they speak, read, write or hear English for an extended period of time. 95% of students complete their enrollment period with us. Long-held partnerships are in place to help our students continue to reach their personal and professional goals. In 2022, we moved to Aurora, which has embraced us as part of their community.


Our Values

  • Community
  • Education
  • Success
  • Acceptance

NAC’s values are represented throughout every part of our school. We love teaching English and believe that it is a key factor in economic mobility. Creating and maintaining a community of support and acceptance are important pieces in the learning environment.

We offer:

  • Free conversation classes
  • School-wide activities
  • University/college coaching
  • Job coaching and resume help
  • Intensive classes
  • Community resources
  • Academic English classes that are fun and interesting
  • Experienced teachers
  • Knowledgable, friendly administrators

Our students reflect our values, too. Here’s what they say about us:

  • “Every time I needed, they helped me. When I have something to say I can talk with anyone and they hear me.”
  • “I like the cordiality and the respect that there is among all.”
  • “Learning ESL at NAC is the best choice to create the good step for the future.”
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