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NAC’s goal is to expand student opportunities through its partnerships with other organizations. These unique relationships offer added value to students both during their studies and when they are ready to move on to the next step. One of our students recently told us NAC helps with “continuous self-improvement.” When you are ready, our partners are, too.



Community College of Denver.

General Education Requirements Ahead.

Our partnership with Community College of Denver (CCD) allows students who complete our Level 6 class to be accepted to CCD (if they meet all other requirements from CCD) without a TOEFL score. Click here for more information about how to enroll at CCD as an international student.

Colorado Technical University.

Practical Subjects: IT, Engineering, Agriculture, and more.

New America College partners with Colorado Technical University (CTU) to allow students who complete our Level 6 class to be accepted by CTU (if they meet all other requirements from CTU) without a TOEFL score. New America College students, instructors, staff, and their immediate family members also receive a 15% discount on tuition at CTU.

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Columbia College.

Multiple Sessions Every Year.

Columbia College’s partnership with NAC allows students who complete some of our advanced classes to be accepted by Columbia College without a TOEFL score. They also offer a 15% discount to our students and teachers.

Explore Healthcare.

And Practice English.

New America College enjoys a unique partnership with Platt College. Third-year nursing students from Platt College teach lessons in NAC classes on different health topics such as where to find affordable health care in the Denver area, smoking cessation, cold weather safety, and safe hiking tips.

English Language Programs.

Supporting Educators.

New America College’s membership with EnglishUSA brings additional resources to its students and staff. EnglishUSA specifically supports English Language learning in the United States through professional development of ELP leaders and staff and professional standards for ELP programs. Their website also offers resources for students interested in studying in the United States, industry professionals and more.

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