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Learn How to Succeed at NAC

Success requires:

  • Showing up for class, and making up classes you miss
  • Paying tuition on time, and managing your budget
  • Following NAC’s policies and procedures

On this page you will find what you need to succeed at NAC. We make it easy to pay invoices and view class schedules. Information on class absences, vacations, make-ups, and financial policies is here as well. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please send us a message.

Student Catalog & Handbook

Paying for Your Education.

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Your tuition payments help us continue our mission of helping you to pursue your dreams. To pay your bill, please enter your credit card information below. The refund and payment policies are provided to help you understand when and how a refund might take place.

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Success Starts With One Step.

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Consistent and on time classroom attendance is one of the biggest responsibilities you have as a student. NAC students are required to maintain a monthly attendance rate of at least 80%. The vacation, leave of absence and make-up policies will give you additional information.

We Will Help You Achieve Success.

Step by Step.

Knowing how NAC places students in class levels and how to be prepared for the classroom are important. Policies help you understand why. Understanding how all the pieces work together is a key part of you reaching your goals.

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