All About NAC Students

Founded in 2007 as a non-profit 501c(3), New America College (NAC) is an English Language School for adults. We have served thousands of students with high-quality, intensive, academic programming since our founding. NAC’s Core values are: Community, Education, Success and Acceptance. Our classes are designed to prepare students for work or university. This goes hand-in-hand with our intensive approach.

Student Demographics

Our students are:

  • English languages learners – from beginning to advanced.
  • International students on a student visa.
  • Domestic students on a green card/work visa, etc. (We do not discriminate based on immigration status.)
  • About 50/50 women/men.
  • All have at least a high school diploma. Many also have an undergraduate degree. Approximately 10-15% have an advanced degree, including PhDs or MDs.
  • Varying professional backgrounds, races, religions, sexual orientation and economic circumstances.
  • Currently we have students from more than 30 countries. In the past we have had students from over 50 different countries!
  • All ages of students, from 18 to 60+.

How Do NAC Classes Help

We believe learning English is a key factor in economic mobility. However, full-time English Language programs, even at universities, are not eligible for federal student loans. This makes it difficult for immigrants and refugees who often need to work to make money quickly, making English language learning something that is put off for more immediate concerns. We do not receive government funding, so our Scholarship fund helps attend our classes. Our administrative staff helps students with virtually anything. As an example: we provide students information on universities, how to obtain an equivalency for jobs and mental health resources. We also work closely with CPlan, an organization that assists educated immigrants in obtaining jobs in the United States. Students who complete our Level 6 classes do very well at both university and professionally.

Over 95% of our students compete their enrollment period with us. In our exit surveys, 100% of students say they would recommend NAC to friends or family.

Student Perspective

Read some blogs written by and about former students! Hear in their own words why they chose to come to NAC.

Kanatbek, Kyrzygstan “My curiosity ultimately led me to graduate from university in my home country with a Master’s degree in International Relations. However, with a lack of possibilities for professional growth in Kyrgyzstan, I urged myself to find a new path for my life.”

Tolga, Turkey “Usually I had to talk in front of people in English or I had to give many presentations. It affected my future in the company because I had problems with speaking and giving speeches in front of people. And I couldn’t get promoted.”

Taehee, South Korea “I was a business owner who was not good at English, so when I negotiated prices or had a meeting with my coworkers, communication was very difficult.”

Ibrahim Lasifer: Student, Author, PhD candidate  “Ibrahim is an international student and an architect and artist by trade.”

Student Survey Comments

Student exit survey quotes:

“I highly recommend NAC for anyone who wants to improve their English language skills. The best thing about NAC is their staff, very friendly and highly skilled.”

“Nice personnel, motivating instructors, good classmates and cozy area near Denver. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to start learning English or improve as well.”

“I highly recommend to international students to study at NAC because they have many interesting classes which give us the opportunity to improve our English skills. Moreover, teachers, staffs and classmates are very kind and friendly.”


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