NAC: Student, Author, Ph.D candidate!

The New America College family is proud to announce the publication of Special Fox, a new book written by Ibrahim Lasafer.

Ibrahim and his book, Special Fox

Ibrahim is an international student and an architect and artist by trade. He began receiving art and architectural awards at the age of 9 years old. Ibrahim has synesthesia, which means when one sensory pathway is stimulated, another one is triggered.  His gift enables him to describe such things as the shapes of sounds and the taste of colors. Ibrahim is currently focusing on human factors in design in order to create universal spaces that can impact and help individuals with special needs.  He received his Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Colorado and he is now a PhD student and researcher. Ibrahim is looking at the impact of architectural elements such as shapes, colors, shadow, light, texture, etc, on the behaviors of people with special needs, starting with autism.  

Special Fox New America College

“Before you think outside of the box, you should understand and analyze everything in it.  Consequently, describing the convoluted characteristics of autism for children needs both, so I wrote this book!”

— Ibrahim Lasafer, Author & NAC student

“As a twelve-year veteran of special education classrooms experiencing moments of both clarity and confusion about students on the Autism Spectrum, this book perfectly describes, explains, and enhances knowledge of students with ASD.  Written in first-person narrative, Special Fox is an essential addition to both parent and classroom libraries.  Every parent enjoying, struggling, crying, and laughing through the joy of having a child with autism will appreciate the candidness of the Special Fox character in the book.  This book also serves as a touchable moment for students with peers that have autism.”                                                                   

— Cherylann Graham, MS. Ed. Special Education

Pick up your copy of Special Fox here on Amazon.

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