Economic Impact of English

The economic impact of English is undisputed. While not official, English is the primary language of international business. “Research shows a direct correlation between the English skills of a population
and the economic performance of the country.”

Approximately 30% of the 500,000 immigrants over 25 in the United States arrive with bachelor’s and advanced degrees. They are ready to work in professional, well-paying jobs. However, if their English is not up to professional standards, they will not be able to achieve a Tier 1 or even Tier 2 job. Studies show language access leads to upward economic mobility – the economic impact of English is clear. Immigrants need upskilling to find jobs in high-wage, recession-proof industries. Recession-proof industries need English speakers – a win-win situation for immigrants and refugees. Generational wealth is achieved when parents can access the education system in English, and their children perform better in school, leading to more college-education students. And, simply, English affords more access to mental and physical resources. This leads to healthier and more prosperous communities – and residents who spend more in the communities.

  • An immigrant will earn 39% more if they have a college degree and English proficiency. 
  • An immigrant will earn 24% more if they don’t have a high school degree but do have English proficiency. 
  • 90.7% of “Tier 1” jobs require education beyond high school – and a firm grasp of English.

Who Do We Serve?

NAC is here to support students who want to improve their English. Our students are 18 or older with at least a high school education. Many of our students have advanced or professional degrees. We serve domestic students with any visa status, as well as international students on an F1 visa. Not all students come to the United States to work or stay. Students learn English for personal enrichment, to return to their home country to work, to integrate into American society, or simply to be able to communicate better at their child’s school. Classes at NAC are suitable for all students, no matter their motivation.

Why Learn English With NAC?

  • New America College (NAC) has quality programs, teachers and staff, as well as a supportive and inclusive community.
  • “The education community has a good working environment that I find pleasant. Also, NAC has a well-structured curriculum.”
  • In our February 2023 survey, 97% of our students agreed or strongly agreed the material we cover in our classes is helpful to their learning/understanding. 90% Agreed/strongly agreed they are getting a good English education.
  • In addition to our Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced English language classes, we also offer a variety of focused classes:
    • University Preparation: Learn study skills, practice writing research papers, give presentations, improve your vocabulary, and get ready for university.
    • American Culture and Conversation: Expand your cultural knowledge about lifestyles, food, dialects, nature and unique aspects of regions in the United States.
    • TOEFL Preparation: Learn the skills and strategies for passing each of the four sections of the TOEFL test – Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.
    • Business English: Practice English and learn how to write a resume, interview, negotiate, run meetings and make professional presentations.
    • Communication in the Modern World: Study communication, social media, community issues and global policies.

Reach Out to NAC

We love to talk to people about reaching their goals, whether they are personal or professional. Please reach out to us with questions about our community, classes or enrollment. We look forward to hearing from you!

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