Colorado Supports International Students

StudyColorado recently posted a wonderful article about Colorado’s support for international students. New America College appreciates their words and support of our students. Below are excerpts from their blog. (The full article can be found here.)

“Colorado reaps significant benefits from opening our doors to international students, scholars and researchers. They contribute to Colorado’s economy; support public and private sector research; bring diversity and global perspectives to our classrooms; and become life-long ambassadors for Colorado and the United States when they return to their home countries. Now, more than ever, Colorado must openly and fully support these students and make sure they know that we value their contributions to our campuses and communities.”

“Colorado’s research laboratories — at the University of Colorado, Colorado State University, the Colorado School of Mines and other institutions — are filled with top researchers from all over the world. They are contributing to impactful innovations in such areas as a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, revolutionary zero-energy cooling systems for buildings, sustainable water usage and — yes — a vaccine for COVID-19. The University of Colorado Boulder alone garnered $631 million in research awards in 2018–19. With 15% of its research faculty from overseas, the contribution to our state’s economy is significant.”

“We call for student visas to be prioritized once the U.S. begins issuing visas again. We need to ensure that the best minds in the world can contribute to our research and economy. Therefore, we oppose restrictions on student and exchange visas and any restrictions on work opportunities through Optional Practical Training.”

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