Beginning English Classes at NAC

 If you ever wanted to learn English – for professional or personal reasons – New America College is a wonderful place to begin. NAC believes in education for all. So strongly is our belief in the importance of education, that we are a not-for-profit school. When asked how much New America College improved their English skills, 95% of our alumni said we “met or exceeded” their expectations. We love to hear that! We have all levels of English courses and love to work with beginner ESL students! Our Level 1 and 2 Beginning English Language Acquisition classes are perfect if you want to improve your English for work, or to start working your way toward university. In these beginner classes students will learn:  

  • Basic grammar skills, including the verb “to be” in present and past 
  • Listening skills – How to listen to an English conversation.  
  • Reading skills – Reading basic English texts, which you can apply to your life immediately!  
  • Speaking skills – Learn how to have conversations in English and have more confidence in yourself.  
  • Writing skills – Learn how to write sentences and paragraphs in English. Begin learning how to write essays in English.  
  • Pronunciation skills – Improve your pronunciation in English.  

The books we use in class are published by National Geographic and Cengage Learning and are designed to teach beginning skills in one book. (Grammar Explorer 1A is used in Level 1 and Grammar Explorer 1B is used in Level 2.) By the time you finish our Level 1 and 2 classes, you will have a strong foundation for the rest of your English language journey. The courses include work in the online workbook as well so your computer and English skills will improve! For a video with more information about the books we use, click here.  

For more questions or more information please visit our Contact page!

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