Teacher Profile: Monica Zavala – Peretto

New America College is lucky to have wonderful teachers. In order to help you get to know them we will be sharing their profiles on our blog.

Tell Us About You:

My name is Monica Zavala-Peretto. I am originally from the south side suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, but I’m not a [White] Sox fan. My favorite foods are lasagna, flautas and chicken shwarma. In my free time I host badminton tournaments for the townhome community I live in, participate in bible study, play softball and frisbee golf, get to the mountains/rivers anytime I can, and attend church on Sundays.

Why Teach English:

Teaching English has been my first and foremost career path and I’ve been teaching for 15 years. Teaching English is a beautiful opportunity to get to know the people of this world. In the English classroom conversations happen that will never happen in a math class. One time a mentor of mine compared teaching English to being a bar tender. Not only is that true for me, but it’s how I connect with the world. The best part of teaching English is the range of ages in the classroom and the countries I get exposed to on a daily basis.

Favorite Things About Colorado?

It’s not Illinois. Having married a Yooper from Michigan, we struggled to find a place to live that suits both our personalities. Lack of jobs in the Upper Peninsula made it hard to stay there. Illinois was never a place for us. We even tried the middle, Wisconsin, but hated it for various reasons. Colorado kind of just happened to us and since we arrived two years ago we’ve been so happy with our choice!

As far as favorite places to go in Denver, I’m not a super city type of person and would rather go to the mountains.

Do You Have A Favorite Idiom?

My favorite idiom comes from my father, who speaks English as a second language, so he never really got it right. “Like a pork in caca.”

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Fishing in a Colorado river.