Suzanne’s Farewell

Dear Students,

As you know, this is my last week at New America College (NAC). I have had an amazing career at NAC. On behalf of the staff and instructors at New America College, I want to thank each and every one of you for trusting us with your education and your friendship.  Together, we have created an amazing international family, where we can count on each other.

When I moved to Denver in 2008, I was so excited to start my new life here.  I knew that I would be happy in my personal life but I wasn’t sure what would happen with my new career.  Changing professions at 50 can be challenging!  I absolutely know that becoming an ESL teacher was one of my very best decisions.  You see, I had always wanted to be a teacher, so I finally made my dream come true. Always believe in your dreams.

I could not have imagined how satisfying my new life at New America College would be. Not only did it satisfy my passion for teaching, but it also fulfilled my love of meeting new people from different cultures and learning new languages.

One of my fondest memories is getting together at our food festivals.  Since food is another passion of mine and since it is a great way to bring people together, it just seemed so natural for us to start hosting these food events. We had so much fun sitting down with you to simply chat and get to know you. I know that you will keep up this tradition when everything settles down. 

With NAC’s growth came challenges, but even with these challenges, the instructors and staff have always been able to give each student the individual attention they need.  They care so much about each and every one of you. I have always been so proud of my instructors and staff, their teaching skills, dedication, and compassion. You will never meet a finer group of instructors and people.

I have met so many wonderful people, their families, and their friends over the years. Thank you for sending so many friends and family to NAC.  I have learned so much from everyone I have met. Meeting you has given me a greater understanding of the world and the many people in it.  We have proven time and again at NAC how we can co-exist and build wonderful relationships with those around us.

You have given me so many wonderful memories to take with me.  I have enjoyed each and every day at New America College.  There aren’t many people who can honestly say that they have enjoyed going into work every day for the past 12 ½ years.

Thank you for the memories, the friendships, and for sharing your life with me.  I will miss you but you will remain forever in my heart.

I know that you will continue to support Megan and her team. Happy Holidays and a very happy 2021!

Take care and stay well.

Suzanne Leduc

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