The Annual Spelling Bee at New America College!

How well can you spell?  Every March, students at New America College compete in a school wide spelling bee to determine who is an expert with words!  Spelling word lists are distributed to all classes with beginner, intermediate, and advanced vocabulary words lists.  Round 1 of the competition is held in each classroom to determine the top 3 students in the class that will move on to compete in the championship.  The Final Round was held on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, with stiff competition in each bracket!  All finalists from each class brought their A-game while their classmates stood on the sidelines to cheer them on!  Check out some of the action in the photos below!

“The spelling bee was so fun and the competition in the Final Round was really challenging.  It was a great opportunity to share time with my friends in class!”

                                                                                    -Phatthaya Saohin, Level 6

“The word lists in the spelling bee really help me to improve my English, especially my vocabulary skills.  This was a really fun activity to make the week more exciting!”

                                                                                    -Oanh My Ho, Level 6

“If you can spell the word actinomycetemcomitans without using google, you deserve to be a champion!  Learning how to spell and pronounce vocabulary words is the key to learning a new language.”

                                                                                   -Souheil Sherif, TOEFL p.m.

spelling bee students

Students stand ready to spell during the Final Round!

Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations Burak Basaram, Munkhjargal Ganbaatar,

and Galbaatar Bat Erdene!

Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations Saesol Choi and Phuoc Huynh!

Spelling Bee Winners

Congragulations Sefa Yigit and Duy Pham!

Congratulations Nancy Urrutia Perez!

Spelling Bee Winners

Congratulations Fernanda Buoro Silva, Natacha Mbappe Elong Fuller,

and Souheil Sherif!

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