New Mission Statement

It’s an exciting time at New America College! In May 2021 the Board of Directors completely revised our mission statement. During this process the Board examined what we do for the community and what our organizational values are. As a result, our new mission statement is:

Cultivating and celebrating inclusion, community, and success through a focused English language experience.

We are so proud of our new statement! Our mission itself hasn’t changed; we have always been dedicated to our students and teaching the English language. This mission statement, however, captures what we do in a really beautiful way. Yes, we teach English language, but we are more than just a language school. We embrace diversity, community, and the personal and academic successes of our students.

How do we know if we’re meeting the goals of our mission? We monitor our impact in various ways. Student surveys, student progress, and the number of students who move onto higher education are a few ways we measure our impact as a nonprofit. We consistently have positive student survey results, and 27% of the students who left NAC in the past year went onto higher education.

If you’d like to help us meet our mission, please be a Champion of Education and donate to help our students! We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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