NACs New Logo

You will notice some changes to our website and social media pages! NACs new logo is being introduced this month. Read on for a question and answer with our Executive Director Megan Kobzej!

Why did NAC decide to revisit the logo?

Study English in Denver, Colorado!NAC was founded in 2007 and we have had the same logo since. The original logo is the Statue of Liberty and was also used for the New America Schools, a series of charter high schools throughout the Denver area. The original mission of NAC included helping students live the American dream, and of course, that is personified by Lady Liberty. Through the years our mission has changed as our students’ goals have changed.

We want students to live whatever dream they have; for some students, that includes America, and for some, that means returning to their home country. So, as our students’ goals changed, we decided that maybe our original logo didn’t quite fit who we are anymore. We love the old logo for all that it represents about us. We have a long history as a nonprofit, serving immigrants and non-immigrants. Our old logo will always be a part of us. 

How did you come up with the new logo and what does it mean?

We worked with Mothershed Design, a husband and wife design team. They spent a lot of time understanding NAC and the work we do here, and we feel they have a solid grasp of who we are and where we want to go.  The image in NACs new logo is a stylized globe made of speech bubbles/commas/quotation marks. This represents our global reach, our global community, and the fact that our students make an impact all over the world. The components of the globe, of course, represent English! The font of our initials was specifically designed for us to show our professional, welcoming, and community feel. The colors are vibrant and new. Our old red color was beautiful, but we wanted to have a more colorful feel going forward. We are super happy with our updated look and are so pleased with the final product!  

What are your goals for NACs new logo?

We want to bring NAC to a more modern place and show that we, like our students, are improving with time. Our team looked carefully at our goals, mission, and beliefs, and we think that this new logo reflects who we are now. We would love to have you join us! Let us know if we can help you reach your goals!

New America College Logo