Jacky Chan, Hong Kong

Our Business English students write in their own words why and how they ended up at New America College, and their thoughts about being here.

Tell me something, friend. Are you bored with your life or family? Do you want freedom? Come to New America College (NAC)! What you can start here is not only a daily life without family control and something you’ve never experienced before, but also a new comfort zone. Thanks to my father’s friend for advising me to come to NAC since life at NAC is not only studying English all day. You and your classmates can study English in a more creative way such as playing PUBG, summer picnics, camping trips, and sports. Also, homework here is a piece of cake. So, if you have the courage to take a leap to Colorado, why don’t you consider NAC for your extremely amazing future?

朋友你不如同我講,你係唔係因為平平無奇嘅生活或者家庭而感到無聊。你想不想擁有自由?不如嚟New America College(NAC)啦。係呢度你可以開始一個沒有父母監管嘅生活或者是一個你從來未體驗過嘅生活, 還有一個新嘅舒適圈添。好多謝我老豆個朋友介紹我尼NAC因為係NAC嘅日常不單只是學習英文。你還可以以一個創意嘅方式例如同同學打下機,野餐,露營 ,或者打下波尼學習英文。而且依度啲功課簡直係易過借火。所以如果你有勇氣尼科羅拉多州,你就不妨去考慮下嚟 NAC來實踐你美好的未來。

-陳樂勤, 香港-

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