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New America College is very fortunate to have a mission-driven, highly talented and broadly experienced group of Board members. Their expertise in educational issues, finance, Human Resources and policy development provide New America College excellent insight and advice.

Anyone wishing to receive notice of Board meetings can request electronic or postal service notices. In order to receive notices of meetings, please email your request to nacinfo@newamericacollege.edu. Please put “meeting notice request” in the subject line, and provide your email address for electronic notices, or your physical address for postal service notices.

Gina Nocera.

Board of Directors.

Ms.  Nocera is the Executive Director of the Jared Polis Foundation.

What about New America College makes it such a great place? 

Its diversity! NAC is a welcoming, focused, and fun environment to learn English and to embrace the many cultures and countries represented through its students.

Why do you enjoy serving on the Board of New America College?

Being a member of the NAC Board is rewarding volunteer work.  Board members work closely with a professional and caring leadership staff who want to support international students in learning English and reaching their professional goals.

Leonor McCall-Rodriguez.

Board of Directors.

Ms. McCall-Rodriguez is Vice-President of the Cogestalt Group, LLC .

What about New America College makes it such a great place? 

New America College is a unique gathering place of interesting people from different backgrounds, focused on promoting language and culture. It embodies what inclusion is.

Why do you enjoy serving on the Board of New America College?

I am proud to serve on the NAC Board alongside bright, socially conscious professionals who believe in a world of opportunities and are respectful of individual perspectives, backgrounds and human potential. In one word: it’s energizing!

Dr. David Conde.

Board of Directors.

Dr. Conde is  President of the North America Chamber of the Americas.

Dr. Abel Moreno.

Board of Directors.

Dr. Moreno is a Professor of Quantitative Methods and Chair of the Department of Computer Information Systems and Business Analytics at Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Megan Kobzej.

Board of Directors (non-voting).

Ms. Kobzej is the Executive Director and PDSO of New America College.

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