Restaurants in Denver!

Get to know Denver, CO by trying out some of the great restaurant options in the city!

Denver Biscuit Company

Biscuits and gravy is an American tradition! Go to Denver Biscuit Company for an amazing Denver breakfast experience. You can have sweet or savory toppings on your biscuits, and their coffee is all-you-can-drink. Go early in the morning on the weekend so you don’t have to wait, and be sure to come hungry! Four Denver locations!

Denver Biscuit Company

The Cherry Cricket

For an excellent fresh hand-made, build-your-own burger in Denver, try The Cherry Cricket!  The original location in Cherry Creek hosts a family friendly atmosphere with a video arcade for the kids.  The menu includes over 35 different toppings so you can personalize your burger just the way you like it.  This local, family-owned operation opened a second location in 2018, just one block away from the Colorado Rockies baseball stadium downtown.   Don’t forget to order the crispy mac & cheese bites as an appetizer! 2 locations (Cherry Creek & Downtown)

Cherry Cricket

Sam’s No. 3 Diner

A classic American diner at its finest, and once featured in “Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives” on the Food Network Chanel.  The menu at Sam’s is huge, and pretty much everything is delicious. The restaurants are quaint, cheap, delicious, and very American.  They offer more than your typical diner and have a full menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving a wide variety of classics. Literally over 100 items. 3 locations (Downtown, Glendale, & Aurora)

Sam's No. 3 Diner

Meta Burger

Meta Burger was created because the Denver market and many markets across the US are lacking affordable plant-based/health conscious options. The term Meta means seeing something from a higher perspective instead of from within the thing, like being self-aware, and Meta Burger plans to be a burger joint that views the world of food from a higher perspective. Meta Burger serves delicious vegan burgers, sandwiches, fries, and shakes.  Its flagship location is close to the school in the Glendale neighborhood, as well!

Meta Burger
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