Accreditation is a mysterious process to many, but it is very important for the student and the school.  

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is a process of formally recognizing an organization as being qualified in its field. It is important for you, the student. Accreditation means your education is respected by both employers and other schools. It establishes common standards and expectations for schools. This allows students, other schools and employers to feel confident in the skills and knowledge being taught. All English language schools in the United States, like New America College, must be accredited to issue I-20s to international students. As a bonus, accreditation ensures that the standards we have for our students remain high.  

How does the accreditation process work?

NAC is accredited by ACCET, a nationally recognized accrediting body. As stated on ACCET’s website, “ACCET accreditation serves the interests of companies, agencies, and the public through the establishment of standards, policies, and procedures in conjunction with an objective third-party professional evaluation designed to identify and inspire sound education practices.” To receive accreditation, institutions must complete a detailed self-study, have a school inspection visit, and be reviewed by ACCET’s Commission. In 2019, NAC received a 5-year grant of accreditation, which is the highest number that is granted by ACCET. This shows our students, staff, board, and donors that NAC’s education standards are extremely high.  

Our Executive Director, Megan Kobzej, has been an ACCET Commissioner since 2018 and an active volunteer at ACCET since 2012. One of the duties of a Commissioner is to review institutions around the country to ensure that they are upholding ACCET’s standards. As a volunteer, Megan visits institutions (virtually in the COVID era!) and writes reports to the Commission for review. Megan has a comprehensive knowledge of the ACCET standards, as well as emerging and best practices in the English language industry. Her firm grasp on expectations helps NAC maintain its excellent reputation and standards.  

For more information on how NAC can help you benefit from an excellent education in the English language, or to help support NAC continue its mission as a donor, please contact us today!  

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